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News and articles about Dr. Llinas:

1. The New York Times. May 12, 1986 ACADEMY OF SCIENCES PICKS MEMBERS


2. The New York Times. May 27, 1997 Listening to the Conversation of Neurons


3. The New York Times. October 26, 1999 In a Host of Ailments, Seeing a Brain Out of Rhythm


4. El País, 2 Noviembre 1999 Nueva teoría sobre los trastornos cerebrales


5. The New York Times. December 8, 2008 New Way Of Looking At Diseases Of the Brain


6. Agencia Iberoamericana para la difusión de la Ciencia y la Tecnología, 20 Noviembre 2012 El neurocientífico Rodolfo Llinás recibe la Medalla de Oro del CSIC


7. Casa Real, 26 Junio 2013 S.M. la Reina Entrega del "IV Diploma Cajal" y visita al "Legado Cajal"


    Rodolfo Llinás

    Rodolfo Llinás

    Thalamocortical dysrhythmia

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    I was born in Bogota on December 16, 1934. I have dedicated all my life to research in the area of Neuroscience. I studied medicine at the Universidad Javeriana and afterwards obtained my doctorate at the National University of Australia. In addition to my work in research, I´m Univesity Professor at New York University.





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